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Paper Drill Supplies

Low Price Guarantee
  Drill Bits SharpenersOur vast inventory includes drill bits, hydraulic oil, drill blocks, drill head grease, drill sharpeners, safety kits, wood and fiber blocks, round cornering attachments, drill bit lube, standard & special backgauges, standard drill heads, standard and special index gages, specialty drilling heads, and replacement parts.

Drill Bits
We offer a large selection of drill bits that feature a new alloy steel for an excellent balance of toughness, high-temperature strength, and wear resistance. These qualities allow for an extended bit life and greater productivity with fewer changeovers. Ask about our plug-free guarantee!

Drill Blocks/Lubricant (Wax Sticks)
We offer all sizes of wooden drill blocks, maple inserts, fiber drill strips and drill inserts for a large variety of paper drill brands. Most are made from hard maple to withstand repeated use. We also offer paper drill lubricant/wax for paper drill bits. The lubricant aids in preventing burning and reduces clogging, while extending the life of your drill bits.

Drill Sharpeners/Chip Removers/ Drill Drifts (Bit Removers)
We offer precision sharpening tools for a wide variety of manufacturers. Most models sharpen from 1/8" to 1/2" bits in seconds. We also offer chip and drill bit removers. Be sure to check your drill manufacturer’s operator manual for the appropriate sharpener design.

Drill Parts
We offer parts for all Challenge, Standard, Uchida, MBM, Lassco, Spinnit, Baum Nygren-Dahly, Sterling/Iram and MartinYale paper drills.



MBM Lassco Baum Martin Yale Challenge

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